Probiotic + prebiotic Enhanced beverages


We are revolutionizing LIVE beverages by providing beverages that actually have LIVE probiotics in the products, not simply the word "probiotics" on the label.

Think Outside the Bottle...
...Look Inside the Cap®!!

Delicious, refreshing GoLive beverages are made with only the highest-quality ingredients, along with LIVE probiotics and non-GMO prebiotic sugar and non-GMO prebiotic soluble fibers.

Our patented foil-blister cap maintains our probiotics in stasis until you introduce them to the beverage and allow them to return to a dynamic, live and growing state.

Why settle for beverages that put "probiotic" on the label, but contain less-than-live (yup, dead) probiotic bacteria, bacillus coagulans, lactobacillus sporogenes (and other spore-formers)?

Join the LIVE beverage revolution. GoLive...Be Well®!!



So many choices, so little time (actually, there is plenty of time...try them all)!